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Professionals and Prescribers page 

Aids4DailyLiving are proud to be accredited as a Devon Community Equipment Service Retailer.

If you are a prescriber for any Simple Aids to Daily Living (SADLs), such as walking frames, trolleys, perching stools and toilet frames etc., we normally keep the full range in stock and are able to deliver them throughout Devon and East Cornwall on a regular basis and at short notice. We are also an accredited installer of Grab rails.

As we are regularly delivering countywide, we consider everywhere within Devon as 'local', so prescribers are welcome to use the 'within 10 miles' code when completing all prescriptions. By offering this unique service, we have saved the NHS many thousands of pounds.

Prescription details can be emailed to or faxed to 01822 735310.

Now that Millbrook Healthcare has taken over from Pluss as the integrated service provider, the Prescription Service will continue to be provided by us. However, prescriptions will need to be entered onto the 'MillFlow' system, and click the small box for 'prescriptions only', on each line, after the item code. If this box is not 'checked', it will go to Millbrook. Also the dropdown box, labeled as 'Activity Response' needs setting as 'Prescription Order'.
Please remember to add the fitting, delivery or installing code.
Prescribers will then need to notify us of the Requisition Number, Clients surname and postcode so that we can retrieve it from 'MillFlow'.
This information can be emailed, faxed or phoned to us.

Unfortunately, the 'Prescription Notification' box that was here, was proving unreliable, so I have removed it for further programming. 
The easiest way to provide us with the requisition number, name and postcode, is to simply forward the MillFlow confirmation email to our email address -
 Alternatively, fax us on 01822 735310 or call us on 01822 851202 

Most used codes for prescriptions.

DEL01 - Equipment is just being delivered, with no fitting required. Covers any number of items.

FIT02 - Delivery and fitting of a single piece of equipment, such as raise a chair or fit a bath board. Only use this code if no grab rails are required. If grab rails are needed, then use INST02 for the first rail, then FIT01 for the first piece of equipment to be fitted.

FIT02A - Fitting of each additional piece of equipment.

FIT04 - Same as FIT02, but for same/next day fitting.

INST02 - Delivery and installation of a single grab rail.

INST06 - Installation of each additional grab rail.

Not sure which code? Call us on 01822 851202, before completing prescription, as we can no longer make adjustments after issue.
With the move towards employing an asset based approach for small equipment, please click the button below to see our price list for private sales of all prescription equipment.
Equipment prices for private purchase by client
We install both interior and exterior grab rails. Please click the button below to see prices for private purchase
Grab rail prices for private purchase by client
We can supply and fit most mobility equipment, often at far lower prices than national or web based companies.
We are happy to quote or offer advice at any time.
Any queries, please call us anytime on 01822 851202
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